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Friday, 21 November 2014

RIP, continued

Mike Nichols (1931-2014), aged 83. Nichols was one of the last great directors of "smart" films, movies that were intelligent but also artful, that dealt with serious issues in an ironic way, and had mass appeal. Maybe not as lauded as Scorsese, Spielberg or Coppola he was one of the great American directors of our time. 

His last movie was in 2007, but we will always rate and remember WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF? (the 3rd highest grossing film of 1966) and THE GRADUATE (the number one highest grossing of 1967) as well as WIT and the amusing THE BIRDCAGE, plus SILKWOOD, PRIMARY COLORS, POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE, WORKING GIRL, CARNAL KNOWLEDGE, CATCH 22 etc. 
Anne Bancroft (left) was 36 when she essayed the the very bored Mrs Robinson, trapped in a bottomless pit of ennui - while Hoffman was 30 (Benjamin was 20) - and while we are not big on Shirley McLaine here at The Projector, she certainly wowed us in POSTCARDS! (above) And then there is Emma Thompson outstanding in WIT,  and as for Robin Williams and all THE BIRDCAGE cast!
Obviously great with actors (Ann-Margret is merely stupendous in CARNAL KNOWLEDGE, not a movie though I would want to revisit)  Nichols was also well-regarded for his comic act with Elaine May. Here's a classic

Warren Clarke (1947-2014), aged 67, the well-known English actor who had a long career on stage, film and television. He first came to my attention in the 1970 play David Storey's HOME, which I saw twice - Clarke shared the stage with John Gielgud and Ralph Richardson (Theatre label), then he was one of the Droogs gang in Kubrick's A CLOCKWORK ORANGE in 1971, and played the young Winston Churchill in the Lee Remick series JENNIE - which I re-saw and reviewed recently (Remick label). His main television success was in the series DALZIEL & PASCOE, which ran from 1996. He was also in THE BREAKING OF BUMBO, BLEAK HOUSE and, in a break from type-casting, played very gay in the hit series THE JEWEL IN THE CROWN in 1984. He died in his sleep after a short illness. 

Jimmy Ruffin (1936-2014) aged 78, Tamla Motown singer, whose biggest hit was "What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted" which charted several times, he was the older brother of  Temptations singer David Ruffin. 

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  1. I didn't know Jimmy Ruffin had died. "What Becomes of the Broken Hearted" is a classic.