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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Julie and Away From Her again ...

It was on again last night, so I had to tune in again. We like Sarah Polley's 2006 film AWAY FROM HER a lot, with Julie Christie in what would seem to be her last great role, luminous as the heroine. We wish she had won the Best Actress Oscar, it would have been ideal, 40+ years after her first win in 1965 as DARLING - so I have not even watched LA VIE EN ROSE yet, though I have the dvd and I imagine Cotillard (who did win) is stupendous too as Edith Piaf. 
I have written about AWAY FROM HER here before - see Julie Christie label - so I will just say, that looking at it again now, maybe it should really be AWAY FROM HIM, as one could also see it as the wife taking her revenge on her husband's infidelities by moving away from him into that nice nursing home, as her Alzheimers takes effect ... she is happy there and even finds a new attachment, to the disquiet of her husband and the other man's wife - Olympia Dukakis. Its certainly another way of looking at the film. 


  1. That's a good perspective and a definite alternative way to view the film. I was likewise very disappointed that Julie, my favorite living actress, lost especially since it was a dead heat between she and Marion. But if she had to lose to anyone Marion is the one I'm okay with since she is amazing in La Vie En Rose. The ironic thing is that the win seems to have poisoned her chances with the Academy since despite several excellent performances since she has been constantly passed over.

    I keep hoping that Away from Her isn't Julie's last great role but she seems content to take occasional small roles to keep her hand in but follow other pursuits. A real pity since she obviously still has it within her to create great art.

  2. Very nice comments, I have always adored Julie, not only her looks and talent and choices but how she lives her life - such a contrast to today's lot who live for those red carpet appearances!
    It was wonderful to gaze at her for 90 minutes when she did Pinter's OLD TIMES in London back in the 80s.