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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Showpeople: How to smoke and still be glamorous

Thanks to the fabulous Todd Brandt* for this FABULOUS photograph of Elizabeth Taylor with Joan Collins as Liz's companion George Hamilton sits at her side. This must be sometime in the high Eighties - all that glamour is too much ! Joan, according to one of her tell-alls, thought that she would be stepping into La Taylor's CLEOPATRA role, and even tested for it, when Elizabeth was ill. George of course squired all these ladies around town ... 
PS: Thats how you hold a cigarette! Sophia also demonstrates - right, with Gregory. 
* Todd's blog is a must:
and Olivier and Monroe at that press conference for THE PRINCE AND THE SHOWGIRL, back in 1956: and Anita Ekberg ramps up the glamour of smoking too ! 


  1. Great photo, and certainly a rare one! I'm guessing it was taken at a post-Oscar party (perhaps the Governors Ball) the evening of March 30, 1987. That was the night Elizabeth Taylor presented Oliver Stone with the Best Director Oscar for "Platoon". You can see a clip of the occasion on YouTube:

    This was that period when Liz had come out of the Betty Ford Clinic (again), gotten herself fit and beautiful, once more, and was being squired all over the place by the perennially tanned Mr. Hamilton. And Joan Collins was then riding high as queen of the nightime TV soaps on "Dynasty".

  2. Yes indeed, la Taylor had a marvellous late renaissance in the late 80s. Joan too with her TV success.