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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Jane and Lily hit primetime (Netflix)

This amusing poster for the new Netflix series GRACE & FRANKIE (or was it FRANKIE & GRACE?) caught my eye. This the one where Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin (30 years plus after their 9 TO 5) play the wives and 'frenemies' who are floored when their respective husbands Sam Waterston and Martin Sheen reveal they have been a gay couple for 20 years and now want to get married, to each other. 
How do the women cope, re-invent their lives and get over this ? - do they all remain friends? Grace (Jane) thinks she and husband Sheen were "happy enough" like other couples their age - now she feels the marriage was a sham and it would have been better if he had died. A comedy series for the moment then focusing on older women? I signed up for Netflix to see this, but it may be on dvd before too long, like that other Netflix hit series, the Kevin Spacey HOUSE OF CARDS reboot. Who says television is not seizing the moment these days .....  It is good to see Jane back in a meaty role (and looking her age occasionally) and Lily is super here too, the roles (uptight bitch and ageing hippie) give them a lot to play with. They have a good stoned scene coming up too.
Right -  Jane Fonda at one of the press junkets for the series. How does she do it ? - but as Sophia Loren has demonstrated 80 is the new 70. Good to see Tomlin back in circulation again too. I got Netflix on a month's free trial, so have just seen the first episode. Now for some other stuff to put on 'My List'. 

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  1. Alas I don't have streaming on Netflix either though my sister does, now just finding the time to binge watch! It's been getting good reviews but glad to hear another positive impression.

    Jane does indeed look AMAZING, I know she has freely admitted to having work done but she hasn't gone to an extreme plus she takes care of herself and dresses smartly. She likes color and it becomes her but she also doesn't wear things that are too young for her. A lesson many could learn from her.