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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

RIP, Twinkle

One of the odder 1960s pop careers ended recently with the death of Twinkle (1948-2015). Who? you may ask ..... Twinkle was a 60s dolly bird who had a brief pop career in 1964 - just the one hit actually: "Terry" a mawkish lament to a dead motorcycle boyfriend.
 I can vaguely remember it, it reached Number 4 in December 1964, when I was 18. 

Like Marianne Faithfull or Joanna Lumley, Twinkle was actually a posh bird (real name Lynn Ripley) and enjoyed her fleeting fame, touring with the young Rolling Stones, she wrote "Terry" when she was 14 - her boyfriend was Des Cluskey, one of The Bachelors (don't ask), who helped her secure a contract with Decca. Soon, she was on THANK YOUR LUCKY STARS and other pop vehicles. She later married Graham Rogers (who was The Milk Tray Man in the TV adverts) and she later performed on the 60s nostalgia circuit. RIP Twinkle. 


  1. Martin Bradley25 June 2015 at 17:43

    Sorry for missing this. I must write 100 times - 'I need to keep up'! Actually, I loved this little ditty when it came out. I was only 14 - ahem - but I had a crush on a biker who lived nearby and it resonated with me. :)