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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Showpeople - troupers

More weird and wonderful photos:

I like this tender moment with Flora Robson and John Ford on the set of YOUNG CASSIDY in 1964. Ford only directed the first 20 minutes of the film as he got ill and was replaced by Jack Cardiff - more on this film which I like a lot at Cardiff label.
Flora and Ford worked again on his last film, SEVEN WOMEN in 1966.

Left: Rock and Diana Dors, in the 50s. Right: Judy Garland and Juliet Mills visit Margaret Leighton in her dressing room - Margaret's stage make-up is rather much - she would have been playing Hannah Jelkes in that original run of Tennessee's NIGHT OF THE IGUANA, circa 1962 ...

Below: Rock with veterans Gloria Swanson and Tallulah Bankhead, at the premiere of his PILLOW TALK in 1959!


  1. Actually the Garland/Leighton/Mills photo is from February 1966, and it's backstage after a perf of Williams' Slapstick Tragedy. Aside from Leighton's makeup, Garland's still wearing Ray Aghayans designs from her '63/64 TV show is the giveaway...

  2. Wow, there's knowledge. I think Judy also got to keep that pant suit designed for her as Helen Lawson in VOTD, as she wore it lots of times.

  3. Full disclosure, I only know that from another wonderful blog, Stirred Straight Up With A Twist!

    And she either "got to keep" the pants suit, or it found it's way into her car as she left the 20th Century lot after being fired.

    And the poor thing had been burned so often, that after posing in a mink for Blackglama's "What Becomes A Legend Most?" campaign, she was asked to give up the fur so that a proper lining could be put in it. She didn't trust that if she did she'd ever see it again (the fur was the compensation for doing the ad), and she took it as it was and wore it for the rest of her life -- still without a lining.

    Really enjoy your blog posts, Mike, keep up the great work!

  4. Thanks, Neely. I love 'Stirred Straight Up with a Twist!' as well - in fact, Todd's blog got me thinking I could do one of my own! I didn't think I would be still doing it 4 years and over 1,200 posts later !