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Saturday, 25 October 2014

RIP, Jack Bruce

Veteran rocker Jack Bruce (1943-2-14) has died of liver disease aged 71. One third of Cream (alongside Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker) his contribution to British rock music is invaluable. Bruce played bass, sang and was the principal songwriter in Cream, and had one of the great rock voices, (like Steve Winwood). He looked good too in his prime, and did some interesting solo work after the Cream years, like his 1969 "Songs for a Tailor" album. Those Cream albums will be getting a replay this weekend - those tracks we love like "Sunshine of Your Love", "Badge", "White Room", "I Feel Free", "NSU", "Sleepy Time Time", "Rolling & Tumbling" etc. He had a new album out this year too, one to investigate.

Back in 1968 two huge rock shows in London were Cream's Farewell Concert at the Albert Hall (see below), and The Doors and Jefferson Airplane at the Roundhouse. My hippie pals and I (22 at the time) went to the Doors, as per my posts on that (Doors label), but I really wish I had gone to see Cream too ... of course they reunited briefly in 2005, for a while. We like Clapton a lot too, but Eric may have slipped into well-paid middle of the road stuff, but Jack was something else. RIP. 
Also: Alvin Stardust (1942-2014)... another great glam rocker. 

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