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Monday, 6 October 2014

All those actors !

Well, I had to, after doing all those actresses last week .... we like all these and more, we have grown up watching them : 
Dirk Bogarde / Robert de Niro / James Mason / Cary Grant / James Stewart / Gary Cooper / Alan Bates / Peter Finch / James Dean / Jeffrey Hunter / Alain Delon / Jean-Paul Belmondo
Gregory Peck / Rex Harrison / Peter O’Toole /  Humphre/y Bogart / Montgomery Clift / Al Pacino / David Hemmings / James Fox / Maurice Ronet (right, in LE FEU FOLLET) / Marcello Mastroianni / Raf Vallone / Renato Salvatori / Jean Sorel / Trevor Howard / Alec Guinness / Laurence Olivier / Ralph Richardson / John Gielgud / Michael Redgrave / Nicol Williamson / Robert Shaw /  Bruno Ganz / Buster Keaton. 

Burt Lancaster, Sterling Hayden, Jack Lemmon  (pre-1964), George Sanders, Clifton Webb, Anton Walbrook, William Holden, Albert Finney, Terence Stamp, David Warner, Michael York, Tom Courtenay, Claude Rains, John Wayne, Anthony Quinn, Malcolm McDowell, Roger Livesey, Michael Craig, John Fraser, Gary Raymond, Peter McEnery, Peter Egan, Rod Taylor, James Garner, Cliff Robertson, Brandon de Wilde, Donald Sutherland, 
Anthony Perkins, Tab Hunter, Farley Granger, Gary Oldman, Keanu Reeves, Richard Gere, Stewart Granger, Harry Andrews, Jack Hawkins, Anthony Quinn, Richard Todd, Roland Curram, Charlton Heston, Stephen Boyd, Glenn Ford, Tyrone Power, Jon Gavin, Guy Madison, Vincent Price, Robert Preston, Nigel Patrick, Nigel Hawthorne, Jack Carson, Charles Bickford, Henry Daniell. Clive Owen, Gael Garcia Bernal, Peter Sarsgaard, Joseph Fiennes, Gerard Blain, Hardy Kruger, Dale Robertson, Clint Walker, Charles Farrell.


  1. The actresses were tougher to put in order after the top 5 then the men but once I started thinking of actors I like the list seemed to grow and grow. I know I missed many, just looking at your list there are several I can't believe I forgot!! Dirk Bogarde and Ralph Richardson just for starters!, but these are all actors I've always enjoyed.

    My top 25 more or less in order:

    John Garfield
    Richard Widmark
    Robert Ryan
    James Mason
    Daniel Day-Lewis
    William Holden
    Clifton Webb
    Claude Rains
    Robert Mitchum
    Alan Bates
    Edward G. Robinson
    Colin Firth
    Peter O'Toole
    Gary Sinise
    Charles Laughton
    Alan Rickman
    George Sanders
    Gene Hackman
    Peter Ustinov
    Lee J. Cobb
    Sydney Greenstreet
    Cary Grant
    Dustin Hoffman
    Errol Flynn
    Clive Owen

    Falling just below in no particular order: Jack Carson, James Cagney, Rock Hudson, James Stewart, Spencer Tracy, Clark Gable, Humphrey Bogart, Fredric March, Henry Fonda, William Lundigan, Joel McCrea, Thomas Mitchell, Laurence Olivier, Paul Newman, Tyrone Power, Dana Andrews, Kirk Douglas, Burt Lancaster, Jack Lemmon, Fred MacMurray, William Powell, Montgomery Clift, Scott Caan, Jake Gyllenhaal, Brad Pitt, Glenn Ford, Kevin Spacey, Hugh Jackman, Tom Hardy, Colin Farrell, Don Cheadle, Eric Bana, Jean Dujardin, James Marsden, Ioan Gruffudd, Bill Nighy, Bob Hoskins, Ian McKellan, Ian Holm, James Earl Jones, Ed Harris, Ryan Gosling and Javier Bardem

  2. THATS a list ! Quite a few there I like a lot too, Dujardin, Hardy, Hoskins, etc. and I have just discovered 20s star Charles Farrell ....