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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Party people

A rare '60s shot of Antonioni with Vanessa Redgrave AND Monica Vitti, so rare I had not seen it before.. 
An end of year round-up of some of our favourite Showpeople, once again, for recent viewers. More on these at Showpeople label.   (Our favourite photo of Vivien Leigh, Kay Kendall and Lauren Bacall out on the town with their GBF (gay best friend) Noel Coward in 1959, is now at the right hand sidebar.)

Julie Christie, Catherine Deneuve and Ursula Andress, the hot girls around town in 1966, at that year's Royal Film Performance, where they are lined up to meet The Queen. Warren Beatty and Leslie Caron were also in the line-up (as per other photos here, Showpeople label) ....  are the girls comparing frocks or how to wear those long gloves ?

Our favourite pic of those 1962 Oscar winners Gregory Peck who got his from 1961's Sophia Loren, and Joan Crawford who graciously accepted for the missing Anne Bancroft (much to Bette Davis's chagrin, who had been nominated for their BABY JANE) with studly 1961 winner Maximilian Schell, who looks like Joan's hot date for the night. So there is Joan clutching an Oscar with the winners, while Bette fumes backstage ...

Rock with Gloria Swanson and Tallulah Bankhead at the premiere of PILLOW TALK ! Rock and Tallu must have had a gas .... and here again is Rock on location in Italy in 1957 as was Dirk Bogarde, I imagine the two heart-throbs are discussing the size of their respective closets ... between them Rock and Dirk must have known/met just about everybody.

Sophia Loren never met Marilyn Monroe, but Rock and Gina did, as Gina got to Hollywood before Loren. Here's Gina and MM in 1955 I imagine, maybe during the filming of THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH? Marlene also met Marilyn, as in this 1952 shot. In 1966 Marlene met Elizabeth Taylor, in this Bob Willoughby photograph, during WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF. one imagines Marlene must have known at least 4 of Taylor's husbands ...

Another odd Royal line-up: Barbra Streisand with James Caan (FUNNY LADY perhaps?) with James Stewart and Lee Remick (who had of course teamed in 1959's ANATOMY OF A MURDER) .... Barbra broke with protocol by asking the Queen why they had to wear gloves.

And a delicious shot of Romy Schneider and Horst Buchholz when they were young in MONPTI, way back in 1956. Love those swimming trunks ... 
 And again that car load of talent at the 1962 Cannes Film Festival: Loren, Delon, Schneider.

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