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Monday, 23 December 2013

Christmas with the stars ...

A very Bette Christmas? I had forgotten that some years ago I bought a pack of 6 movie star figures, presumably to hang on Christmas trees. I came across them the other day, so of course they had to join the festive decorations. Theres Bette, Carmen Miranda, Alice Faye, Claudette Colbert, Hedy Lamarr and Sonja Henie! Odd choice .... I would have kept Bette and Carmen, but would have added Lana and Rita, Carole Lombard and maybe Marlene. Still, they add a touch of glamour.

WISHING EVERYONE A FESTIVE HAPPY PEACEFUL CHRISTMAS as we create some magic for ourselves and our loved ones - and think about and help those less well off.  Then there's New Year to think about and all we want to achieve for 2014 ....
Back, with an intriguing double bill: ONLY GOD FORGIVES plus BEHIND THE CANDELABRA, that new Blu-ray of Altman's THE LONG GOODBYE, Deneuve in APRES LUI and LOVE SONGS; back to those delirious '40s/'50s British movies with HOLIDAY CAMP and DANCE HALL, some more Romy and Anouk, LOVE IS THE DEVIL, some more glorious B-movies (Ruth Roman! Anne Baxter!, SLAVES, SHIP OF CONDEMNED WOMEN), that very odd 1971 British comedy GIRL STROKE BOY, Orton on screen: ENTERTAINING MR SLOANE and LOOT and much more .... meanwhile Marilyn is still selling Chanel Nr 5 as per all those full page adverts in the papers and on tv.

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