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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Hot town, summer in the city ...

Heatwaves continue - not only here in the UK but also further afield ....

We are wilting here in London. I was uptown last Thursday and could not believe how crowded it was, I had never seen Oxford Street so crowded. Then the bombsite (due to the new Crossrail travel link under construction) around Victoria, I was astonished to see that whole block in front of the station demolished, which included several popular bars: the Duke of York next to the BILLY ELLOT theatre, the gay The Stag, the popular Stage Door bar - all busy in the evenings with the after work and theatre crowds; also a supermarket, fitness centre, restaurants etc. - all gone. As of course are large patches of Tottenham Court Road and Charing Cross Road, unrecognisable now. The city of course is changing around us all the time, but this is pell mell ! Getting a taxi back to Victoria from Oxford Street was a costly mistake too, due to all the extra delays and road closures ! How do people cope with it every day ! Thankfully I don't have to ...

Chatting to a friend in New York he mentioned his "air-conditioned den", where he retreats from the heat to watch movies, as he put it: "Where I live, there's been nothing but heatwave after heatwave since late June, driving folks indoors to get out of the sun and into their air conditioned lairs. My den has been a cool dark cave these past few weeks". 
We here in South London are sweltering in our own heatwave in our non-air-con houses. I had the fan on all night in the bedroom, and of course we sleep naked with no duvets on the bed, its still too darn hot ! We would kill for a "cool dark cave" or "air-conditioned lair".

I have cheered myself up by buying on-line a pair of snazzy red canvas sneakers. I like the look of these by long time established Italian company Superga. I ordered the red ones initially, if they are comfy and a good fit then I will have to get the yellow and navy ones too, the green ones look nice as well .... thats my summer look sorted then, now for some colourful tee-shirts and trousers to match or contrast ...yup, the red ones are fine - now for the green and navy !

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