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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Joni Mitchell unwell ...

News today that Joni Mitchell, our favourite singer-songwriter-musician, is unwell and in hospital, after collapsing on Tuesday. 
We hope this is not life threatening and that Joni, 71, will be well again soon. She may have to cut down on those cigarettes! 
She has been feted a lot recently, as per recent posts, - see label - as the grand old woman of music, after that start in the mid-'60s .... there's over 20 albums we love, plus some live concerts, and compilations, including her recent 53-track collection with her essay on same. She has been interviewed a lot lately too, I just got that NEW YORK magazine from February, with her on the cover. And I am awaiting a new cd, of an 1982 concert of hers in Japan, when she was touring with that great band and it was a great era for her. Get well soon Joni. (and yes, for those who don't know, I met her in 1972 ....). I'd like to think Joni is a tough old bird with that Canadian prairie upbringing, from Saskatoon, so she should soon be ok again, if a little frailer. 


  1. Martin Bradley1 April 2015 at 18:02

    Well comments are superfluous as you know how I feel about Joni. 71 is still much too young for someone like Joni (or anyone for that matter) to shuffle off her mortal coil.

  2. Oh I don't think it is that serious, despite her poor health in recent years.

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