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Friday, 10 April 2015

Jimmy and Smalltown Boy again & Markus too

80s survivor and singer extraordinaire Jimmy Somerville is back with a new disco album (HOMAGE, which I have just ordered), and today he did that new version of his '80s classic "Smalltown Boy" which still makes one tingle, with that voice and lyrics, and the iconic original video. 

We have also now heard Markus Feehily's new single "Love Is A Drug" which is going to be massive, I love it. It will be released later this month, but this is a link to it:
Mark, sorry, Markus, used of course to be in Westlife, but this is totally different and a great start to his solo career, there should be some interesting remixes too.  

Those other interesting singers, spawned by The X-Factor, are out and about touring too: Joe McElderry, Shayne Ward, and the all-conquering Olly Murs, plus Rebecca Ferguson channeling Billie Holiday ......


  1. Yeah caught The One Show tonight specifically for this. It's funny actually, I've made an effort to watch this twice this week, the other time was for Caitlin Moran (sadly she had to share the sofa with Noddy Holder and Jack Dee) Normally it's a show that just serves as moving wallpaper for me, occasionally enlivened by Alex Jones who is quite adorable and seems such a genuine person.

  2. Yes, when I think to I check to see if anyone interesting on, but I would hate to be a guest on this show as it jumps from one item to another, one is lucky to get 5 minutes if one has something to plug, so one is left sitting there while another 'human interest' story unfolds ...