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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Blow-Up locations documentary

I am overjoyed to discover this 16 minute documentary by Daniel Ammeter on YouTube. Thanks to Colin for sending me the details. I have always meant to go to Maryon Park so until I do, this is the next best thing. Daniel has crafted a loving tribute to the film utilising locations as they are now, or were in 2011 when he shot this. I love the park and those streets. The glamour and drama of BLOW-UP, a great London film, never goes away, even after almost 50 years, its timeless for me. Its also one of the great mystery films - people have debated if there really is a body in the park (I say yes), but also on a more mundane level,  how does she know where he lives and turns up just as he arrives back! and where does Sarah Miles fit in ... There are several books on the film too. 

This is what I said on YouTube: Marvellous. BLOW-UP is one of my favourite films, I was 21 when it opened in 1967 in London and it was the movie to see and have an opinion on it was like seeing one's self on screen. I love that Herbie Hancock soundtrack too and have had it on vinyl, cd and ipod. I keep meaning to go to Maryon Park, so this is the next best thing. Hemmings was marvellous here - a petulant cherub starting to realise the emptiness of his superficially glamorous existance. David died in 2003 and he has a simple headstone in a Wiltshire churchyard, but thankfully got to write his memoirs before he died aged 62, he covers the making of BLOW UP in detail. 
I lived near that 'white restaurant' in early 70s, in Draycott Avenue, off Kings Road. It is THE 60s film for me, and it never dates, I like Antonioni's other films too. I would like to copy this for my own blog, where I write about the film quite a bit. 
Here is the link in case of any problem, or to see it on the full-size YouTube page:
More of course on BLOW-UP at the usual labels: BLOW-UP, Antonioni, Hemmings, Redgrave, Miles, London.
The BLOW-UP locations are also featured in that BBC series HOLLYWOOD UK, first screened in 1993, where Richard Lester and others re-visit British and London locations - see review and photos at London label, or 16 July 2012 archive. 
There's also this:

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  1. I loved the BLOW UP link sufficiently to post it to Facebook. You know I've done the park but it makes me want to visit the other locations too. I hope the film comes out on bluray soon.