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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Sophia back at Cannes, 2 ...

Top: Marcello and Sophia in the delightful TOO BAD SHE'S BAD in 1954, their first pairing, and with Vittorio De Sica acting as Loren's father. That was Sophia's break-out year, after toiling in Italian films since 1951 - in 1954 she was in WOMAN OF THE RIVER, TOO BAD SHE'S BAD, ATTILA, TWO NIGHTS WITH CLEOPATRA and De Sica's GOLD OF NAPLES among several others - giving Gina and Silvana a run for their money, while not yet 20, while 1955 saw her in LUCKY TO BE A WOMAN (which I have in Italian to watch, and SCANDAL IN SORRENTO which does not seem available at all now, all before the American studios came calling.
Now in 2014, 60 years later, Marcello (1924-1996) in an iconic shot from Fellini's 8 1/2 is featured on this year's giant poster, and Sophia is back in town.
According to "The Daily Telegraph" Sophia's latest role, in LA VOX UMANA , tells the story of an older woman who has a final telephone conversation with the man she loves.
She received a standing ovation in Cannes for her masterclass, after being interviewed on stage.

"My life has not been easy," she said. "But I'm surrounded by people who like me, who love me, and I have to be very proud of my 80 years.
"I'm starting to count the hours, count the seconds; everything is important when you reach my age. Every so often you have to explode back into life." 
Left: My Sophia autograph from 1979 when she did a book signing in London at a packed Selfridges department store - it was a very crowded event but I managed to get my book signed and see Sophia up close. She of course looked amazing. 
Its actually September 20th when she turns 80, along with Brigitte Bardot also in September. Its good to see her back at Cannes, where she has been so many times, as per my last post on her, below, Sophia label, particularly as the main poster this year is her old pal and frequent co-star Marcello Mastroianni. Their 1964 De Sica classsic MARRIAGE ITALIAN STYLE has been restored and revived too. I love it. 
Left: a 1956 magazine with Sophia's SCANDAL IN SORRENTO on the cover; right: Sophia back at Cannes, aged 79 - 2014.
Sophia and Marcello with Fellini. - 1963 perhaps.

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