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Monday, 5 May 2014

R.I.P. continued

Bob Hoskins (1942-2014). Much affection and sincere tributes for Bob Hoskins who has died aged 71. He had been retired for a few years due to illness. We liked Bob in so many films, from that great TV series of Dennis Potter's PENNIES FROM HEAVEN in 1978, to WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT? via THE LONG GOOD FRIDAY, FELICIA'S JOURNEY, LAST ORDERS and those early bit parts in ROYAL FLASH, ROCK FOLLIES and MONA LISA. Bob was a natural actor and so convincing as either gangster or cockney or just an ordinary guy.
I am planning to re-watch the 1987 THE LONELY PASSION OF JUDITH HEARNE again this week, its a very downbeat one, with Maggie Smith in Dublin, and I will have to re-connect the video player to play this vhs cassette. More on that soon. Bob directed a few films too, starred with Cher in MERMAIDS, in Spielberg's HOOK, and many more in a long career. I also have his last film SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN still to see. He is fun too with Dame Judi in Frears' MRS HENDERSON PRESENTS. I want to se-see 2000's LAST ORDERS too with that great line up including Hemmings, Courtenay, Mirren, and Winstone.   
Tatiana Samoilova (1934-2014). Soviet film star and winner of a Cannes award Tatiana Samoilova (or is it Tatyana Samoylova?) has passed away at the age of 80. She had the lead role in Mikhail Kalatozov's acclaimed film, THE CRANES ARE FLYING where she is very affecting (particularly in that final scene at the railway station), which won the Palme d'Or at the 1958 Cannes Film Festival This and Kalatozov's THE LETTER THAT WAS NOT SENT from 1959 were stunning discoveries for me last year, per my reviews (Russian label). She also played ANNA KARENINA in 1993. Samoilova was named National Artist of Russia, one of the state's highest honors

Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. (1918-2014) - at the grand age of 95. I never saw his prime tv shows like 77 SUNSET STRIP or HAWAIIAN EYE, but we read about them in the fan magazines, but he was in some popular movies too - THE CROWDED SKY in 1960 and my perennial favourite THE CHAPMAN REPORT in 1962, as well as items like TOO MUCH TOO SOON and BY LOVE POSSESSED. Efrem of course piloted the smaller plane with him and Troy Donahue that hit the airliner piloted by Dana Andrews in THE CROWDED SKY whereas in AIRPORT 1975 Dana piloted the small plane that collided with Efrem's jumbo jet.

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