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Sunday, 4 May 2014

'60s trash classic: The Pleasure Seekers

No, not THE PLEASURE GIRLS - thats a 1965 British  drama of (3 or is it 4?) dippy girls sharing an apartment in Kensington, London and dipping their toes into the Swinging City, along with the gay guy downstairs - see 1965 label for more on that! This is THE PLEASURE SEEKERS: Three American lovelies room together in Madrid and all manage to get themselves into seemingly unhappy relationships with fellows, and is basically a re-boot of THREE COINS IN THE FOUNTAIN by the same same director - Jean Negulesco - of his 1954 classic set in Rome. Now its Madrid and slightly more risque (well, as you could be for 1964 - though it was 1965 when it played in London, the last time I saw it, when 19, so its a pleasant memory - its now another great Spanish dvd with a good Scope transfer and bright, vivid colours that jump out at you).

TAKE THREE GIRLS - that was the later BBC series circa late 60s, early 70s about another 3 girls  - and show their amorous adventures in a glamorous city. It was the 20th Century Fox formula from as far back as LADIES IN LOVE in 1936 (Loretta Young label), and popular in the fifties with those girls in Rome, those women in WOMAN'S WORLD, THE BEST OF EVERYTHING, and of course HOW TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE - all by Negulesco. Universal gave us FOUR GIRLS IN TOWN in 1957, another delirious treat now. Then there was Mark Robson's over-the-top VALLEY OF THE DOLLS! (Trash label). MGM tried the formula too with their 3 air hostesses in COME FLY WITH ME in 1963 (which had the odd sight of Sister Dolores Hart teaming up with PEEPING TOM Carl Boehm!). One of those girls was delightful Pamela Tiffin - whom we enjoyed ever since Billy Wilder's ONE TWO THREE, and here she is again in Madrid, along with sensible Carol Lynley and stupendous Ann-Margret. Its a travelogue of Madrid too then as we whiz around art galleries and check out some art, like those Velasquez and El Greco items at the Prado. Other pleasures are those outfits: Carol's pink suit with the red pvc handbag, or Ann in that yellow skirt, shoes and bag combo ...

Negulesco throws in an old timer or two as well - Gene Tierney, that 40s beauty (LAURA, LEAVE HER TO HEAVEN etc) and reliable Brian Keith. The three American honeys prowl for lovers in Madrid, getting entangled with Tony Franciosa (a bit too mature for this nonsense after his 50s roles) and hunky Gardner McKay,   Like THE BEST OF EVERYTHING the girls have to learn some lessons, but what with all the glamour and hunkiness on show here this is certainly a gay interest title as well as a Trash Classic, up there with those Lana and Susan epics. Ditzy Pamela Tiffin has a cult following too, as does Carol Lynley (once the poor man's Sandra Dee). The early '60s vibe is deliciously caught too, with all that bossa nova, tinkly lounge music, all-girl apartments, as Ann-Margret in her prime stirs up a storm, singing and flamenco dancing, particularly in that slinky pink dress with that mane of hair - up there with her THE SWINGER and KITTEN WITH A WHIP! More on Ann at label ... and those Negulesco classics too at Negulesco label!  Its a shock to realise this Guilty Pleasure is 50 years old!

Be sure to click on to '3/4 girls' label to bring up kitsch classics like FOUR GIRLS IN TOWN, THE PLEASURE GIRLS, VALLEY OF THE DOLLS, WOMAN'S WORLD, THE BEST OF EVERYTHING etc.

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