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Monday, 17 February 2014

More '60s: Sophia and Max, and Greg and Joan, again

An interesting photo I got sent today .... Sophia Loren and Maximilian Schell in 1961 - it looks like it was taken at Sardi's restaurant, with those sketches on the wall. Both had won best actor and best actress Oscars that year, when Hollywood was celebrating international cinema. Previously Anna Magnani had won in 1955 and Simone Signoret in 1959, but by the early '60s the international movie was certainly on the rise. Canny producer Carlo Ponti soon had both stars in his next De Sica film, the little-seen now and rather ponderous 1962 drama THE CONDEMNED OF ALTONA, its certainly a fascinating re-view now though, as per Schell, Loren labels. 

The following year Max and Sophia were in Hollywood (she had not attended the 1961 ceremony as she was sure she would not win) to present to the next winners, so Sophia presented Gregory Peck with his, and Maximilian presented the Best Actress, but not to winner Anne Bancroft, but to Joan Crawford who had graciously accepted for her. This meant that Joan looking glamorous was photographed with the winners holding an oscar too - 
while nominated Bette Davis who had lost, was left fuming backstage. Joan looks great here and Max looks like her hot date for the night ... we like this photo, which we have posted here before. Peck returned the favour, presenting Sophia with her second, the lifetime achievement one, in 1993 - as per Peck label.

Here's another new one: Sophia with director and artist Jean Negulesco at an exhibition of his drawings in Greece in 1956 - they had just finished BOY ON A DOLPHIN where the director had done several sketches of her - as per Negulesco label.

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