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Monday, 17 February 2014

'60s glamour - a reminder

Lets finish off this present '60s jag, with another look at our particular type of '60s glamour 
So, thats Monica and Terry in MODESTY BLAISE, Anouk and Michael York in JUSTINE, Alain and Romy in LA PISCINE, Claudia Cardinale and Jean Sorel with Visconti at the SANDRA (OF A THOUSAND DELIGHTS) premiere in '65, Greg and Sophia in ARABESQUE,
Julie as DARLING with Ronald Curram, Julie as PETULIA, Faye in THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR, Lee Remick and George Segal in NO WAY TO TREAT A LADY, Albert and Audrey in TWO FOR THE ROAD (though Peter and Audrey are just as glamorous in HOW TO STEAL A MILLION), Belmondo in PIERROT LE FOU; Marisa Solinas and Germano Gilioi in the missing Monicelli segment now restored in BOCCACCIO 70; Brigitte and Laurent Terzieff in TWO WEEKS IN SEPTEMBER, and Dirk at the DARLING premiere with Julie and Monica; Eva Marie Saint and Warren Beatty in ALL FALL DOWN, Cyd Charisse in TWO WEEKS IN ANOTHER TOWN (left), and Deneuve and Dorleac leading the all-singing, all-dancing LES DEMOISELLES DE ROCHEFORT ! Phew ! I don't need to include BLOW-UP or UN HOMME ET UNE FEMME again or Alain and Claudia in THE LEOPARD, or Alain and Monica in L'ECLISSE or Belmondo & Dorleac in THAT MAN FROM RIO ... they are all available at their labels.
The BFI (British Film Institute) has amusingly included LES DEMOISELLES DE ROCHEFORT in their on-line list of '10 Best French Gay Films' - As they put it: "In the most excessive of Jacqes Demy's films, he creates an infectiously cheery musical in which everyone has a ball. Catherine Deneuve and Francoise Dorleac are the damsels of the title, looking for love in the sunny seaside town of Rochefort. But will any of the attractive men on offer fall for their charms?
There’s nothing explicitly gay here, but any film that shoves Jacques Perrin in a sailor suit, squeezes George Chakiris into tight white trousers and decorates itself with lavish, lurid sets definitely has a queer eye. Its relentless good nature isn’t for Scrooges, but it’s a hard heart that can’t enjoy Gene Kelly's surprise cameo, or the vision of Deneuve in elbow-length gloves, chain-smoking while removing a chicken from the oven (trust us, it’s amazing)".

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