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Monday, 5 August 2013

Showpeople - some favourite photos again ...

Girls night out, early 1959. Thats Vivien Leigh, Kay Kendall and Lauren Bacall having late cocktails out on the town with their GBF Noel Coward.  Kay departed the scene that September but Bacall (the woman who knew everyone) is still here 54 years later [Vivien died in '67, Noel in '73] ...(theres also a photo of Kay and Lauren at the theatre, Showpeople label).
Royal Film Performance 1966, lined up to meet The Queen: Julie Christie, Leslie Caron with Warren Beatty (before he and Julie got together), Catherine Deneuve and Ursula Andress were also in the line-up (as per my previous photos), long white gloves were de rigeur. Warren must have been dizzy with all that talent around ... (ditto, more photos from that night at Showpeople label).
1962 Oscars: 1961 winners Sophia Loren and Maximilian Schell presented awards to 1962's winners: Gregory Peck and Anne Bancroft. A very glamorous Joan Crawford kindly stepped up to accept for Miss Bancroft who had a prior engagement. Max looks like Joan's escort for the night ... (Greg presented Sophia with her second Oscar in 1993).

Favourites Dirk Bogarde and Lee Remick in 1987 BBC film THE VISION. We wish they would repeat this.

Bogarde (the man who knew everyone) at DARLING premiere in '65 with Julie Christie and Monica Vitti (shooting MODESTY BLAISE with him).  

Dirk and Rock on location in Italy in 1957, maybe discussing the size of their respective closets?
Imagine having these three on the back seat of your car, driving around Cannes during the 1962 film festival: 
Sophia Loren, Alain Delon, Romy Schneider.

Gina with Marilyn in 1954. 
Marlene with Marilyn ...

Marlene also met Elizabeth Taylor during VIRGINIA WOOLF - Wonder how many of Liz's husbands were pals of Marlene - 4 maybe ?

and Sophia and Claudia enjoying themselves at some fashion show ... 
more on these and others at Showpeople label

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