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Friday, 9 August 2013

RIP - another batch ....

Karen Black (1939 -2013). As my friend timshelboy put it on IMDB:
A key figure of the New USA cinema of the early 70s, she made a very strong impression in some good-to-great movies: FIVE EASY PIECES, THE GREAT GATSBY, THE DAY OF THE LOCUST, NASHVILLE, FAMILY PLOT... so it is a bit of a shame her best remembered/highest profile role in a big hit was probably as the stewardess flying the crippled plane in the campy AIRPORT 75. The quality of her roles and films tailed off sharply with the turn of the decade - although she did have one last great role in COME BACK TO THE 5 & DIME JIMMY DEAN JIMMY DEAN...... but she kept working, seemingly unfazed by appearing in films like DINOSAUR VALLEY GIRLS or AUNTIE LEES MEAT PIES. I particularly liked her as the catty country singer in Altman's NASHVILLE who does not recognise Julie Christie ...

Eileen Brennan (1932-2013). Star of film, theatre and tv, Eileen was hugely popular. I particularly liked her world weary comedy style in those comedies like THE CHEAP DETECTIVE and MURDER BY DEATH, though her biggest hit was probably PRIVATE BENJAMIN with her friend Goldie Hawn. She was also effective for Bogdanovich in THE LAST PICTURE SHOW and also appeared in his disaster AT LONG LAST LOVE and in DAISY MILLER. She also appeared in series like WILL & GRACE, TAXI and films like THE STING and CLUE. She was the original Irene Malloy in HELLO DOLLY and had a great singing voice. She was one of the most recognisable supporting actresses of her time.

Bernadette Lafont (1938-2013), popular French actress, in many 'New Wave' films due to her assocations with Truffaut and Chabrol, in films like AN IMPUDENT GIRL, LE MISTONS, LE BEAU SERGE, LES BONNE FEMMES, LA FIANCEE DUE PIRATE, VIOLETTE NOZIERE, UNE BELLE FILLE COMME MOI. She was married to Gerard Blain in the '50s, and was awarded an Honorary French Cesar in 2003, as well as chairing the Jury for the Cannes Festival in 2007. I was recently given a copy of Chabrol's 1961 rarity LES GODELUREAUX (WISE GUYS) which stars her and Brialy as well as Stephane Audran, it should be worth investigating shortly ...

JJ Cale (1938-2013). Anyone into rock music in the '70s knew the work of JJ Cale, particularly his association with Eric Clapton - Cale wrote "After Midnight" and "Cocaine", massive hits for Eric. He was a Grammy-award winning singer-songwriter, whose influences were blues, rockabilly, country and jazz which he combined into that laid-back deep south country vibe. 
He hailed from Tulsa, Oklahoma and moved to LA in the early '60s. His laidback vocals were also distinctive and he was an acclaimed electric guitar player.

Romanthony (Anthony Moore, 1967-2013). Disk jockey, produer and singer whose warm, emotional voice could touch one, as in tracks like his vocal on Daft Punk's club classic "One More Time" in 2000. Romanthony's work crossed several genres including house, R&B and hip-hop. Tracks like "Hold On" make extensive use of sampling with a distinctly soulful house feel. 

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