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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Movies or TV ?
THE IRON MAN OF STEEL continues to hoover up at local cinemas, so hard keeping up with the latest superhero .... getting tired of them yet? Henry Cavill leads the pack in this reboot, a higher-tech remake of the original? ..... we will have to give it a go.  But after Christopher Nolan's dark BATMAN films with those stonking villains like Heath Ledger and Tom Hardy, is Superman too vanilla now ?   Meanwhile, let's watch Henry and a new improved Russell Crowe with Amy Adams on Graham Norton's show ... An interesting comment today on the "pomposity" of Christopher Nolan's productions, and the "disco-tits" in Zack Snyder's films, here in MAN OF STEEL and 300! and the guy who saw MAN OF STEEL went with "no great expections and they were fulfilled", but on the plus side Henry Cavill's built-up torso "makes you go goggle-eyed"! Can't be too bad then ....

On TV, well British tv at any rate, the hits keep coming:   BROADCHURCH, THE FALL, and those Americans like HANNIBAL, THE BORGIAS, DA VINCI (we didn't bother with that one), and now the French chiller THE RETURNED - along with Italy's MONTELBANO and all those Scandanavian thrillers which have upped the ante for our own domestic product, as we can see already by the slow burn of BROADCHURCH which gripped the nation for 8 weeks, turning Olivia Colman into a 'national treasure', and ended satisfactorily, unlike THE FALL which keeps us guessing into a proposed Series 2 - which may not work for me, I loved series one of HOMELAND which was perfect in itself, but lost it with Series 2 and just couldn't be bothered.  

Miss Marple meets Bond, James Bond

Some other old fashioned stuff - MARPLE is back, A CARIBBEAN MYSTERY was as fresh as a breeze running in off the sea on a hot Bermundan night, two hours of leisurely paced fun with exotic locations and a nice cast, headed by veteran Julia McKenzie, who is filling Joan Hickson's shoes admirably, (I just never liked Geraldine McEwan's silly version). Adapted from one of Christie's lesser books by Charlie Higson, it took the spinster sleuth away from her world of cosy cottages and ideal villages and plopped her down in the shimmering West Indies. Against a backdrop of palm trees and blue ocean, Marple was confronted with a snapshot of post-Colonial hedonism as she dealt with blustering old soldiers, philanderers, and drunken toffs, and a murder or two .... Not so different then from Miss Marple's exciting life back at St Mary Mead, but it was all entertaining stuff, as scripted by Higson (who writes books about the young James Bond, who knew?), who even got Miss Marple to bump into her contemporary Ian Fleming, over on a visit from his Jamaican retreat, and it was amusing seeing how Fleming got the name for his new creation, one James Bond, which gave writer/actor Higson a cameo role for himself. Perfect tv for oldies then?, gosh I will be watching re-runs of MURDER SHE SAID next ... !

Now for that new blockbuster THE WHITE QUEEN, and HANNIBAL where THE FALL's stunning Gillian Anderson will be interviewing Mads Mikkelsen's fiend ....and I have not even seen GAME OF THRONES yet ! So yes, good television seems on a roll, those franchises and superheroes will have to work harder to lure us in ....

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