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Sunday, 30 June 2013

"I can't get no ..."

Some week in the city: starting with The Beatles back from 1965 with HELP! on Blu-ray (see below) to The Rolling Stones headlining at Glastonbury - add in Wimbledon and the city full of gay Pride revellers, and finally the weather is right as we head into the second half of the year ... (my best Pride nights were '95, '96 & '97 - but those are other stories).
I particularly remember the moment of buying The Stones' single "Satisfaction" in 1965, when 19, and handing over my 6 shillings and 8 pence, the price of a single record then, in just a plain paper cover. A few minutes of music on each side on vinyl. "Satisfaction" of course became the song of that summer - little did we think we would still be grooving to it practically 50 (well, 48) years later - after midnight as the Stones played Glastonbury.  Right: a previous Jagger incarnation for the 1971 film of GIMME SHELTER .....
It seemed to begin on a duff note with the sound balance not right as Jagger's vocals seemed to get lost in the mix for "Miss You" - but the hits kept coming "Midnight Rambler", "Tumbling Dice", "Sympathy for the Devil", "Brown Sugar", "Gimme Shelter" etc - they were in amazing form by the time of "Satisfaction" which went on and on with Jagger a dervish on the stage - how do they do it, approaching 70. The others were laid back too and seemed to be enjoying it all, as did the crowd - 
this guy was really into it ! In all they did about an hour, It seemed the Stones wouldn't give away a complete free concert to television viewers, but what we saw last night will certainly get the back catalogue selling again, fill the coffers for any more tours ... have a look at the Glastonbury footage though, you will like it; when it gets it right the vibe is all-persuasive. 
The papers now say they did a two and half hour set in all, so tv viewers did not get their "Jumping Jack Flash", "Wild Horses", "Glastonbury Girl" (a new song), "Start Me Up", "Its only rock & roll" or Keith's "You Got The Silver" - but we did get "2000 Light Years From Home" and that "You Can't Always Get What You Want", so it looks like the iconic band's brand just got bigger ...  Its on YouTube (at the moment):

I liked their late 60s/early '70s stuff  - classic albums all, on vinyl - now on cd and iPod -- and had some of their later stuff too: ITS ONLY ROCK & ROLL, GOAT'S HEAD SOUP, SOME GIRLS ... my best friend Stan gave me the LET IT BLEED new stereo (blue sleeve) vinyl album for my 24th birthday.

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