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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Shiny toys (2)

I just have to include my new kettle - a DeLonghi Italian style, which certainly jazzes up the kitchen, swanky or what ! - and at almost £100 it had better be, but I saw it and just had to have it ... (there is a matching 4-slice snazzy toaster as well - now, do I really want that ?)

also my new favourites now that I have finally joined the Blu-ray gang: those 50th anniversary issues of two of my 1963 favourites: Losey's THE SERVANT and Schlesinger's BILLY LIAR - both with extensive new features, interviews etc. More on these at 1963 label ....
I have not gone mad on Blu-ray actually, only have 5 : these 2 Brit classics, plus Kubrick's 2001, Carpenter's DARK STAR and Tati's PLAYTIME ... I gave away the blu-ray disks from some dual packs (Pasolini's MEDEA, Skolimowski's DEEP END, Antonioni's THE LADY WITHOUT CAMELIAS) to a friend a year or more ago ... so its not a case of buying everything on the new format any more; ordinary dvds look better too. We will wait and see what else comes up --- of course if BLOW-UP or MODESTY BLAISE did ...
My previous post on shiny toys was on that box of Joni Mitchell's first ten albums in perfect mini-gatefold sleeves! (Me label).

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