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Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Ray Manzarek (1939-2013) - Co-founder of The Doors, whose keyboard playing shaped the band''s individual style, and who kept the band going after Jim Morrison's mysterious death in 1971. I saw The Doors in action in 1968 - as per my posts here, Doors label - at their Roundhouse Concert in tandem with Jefferson Airplane, where I am caught in the tv documentary looking up at Morrison ..... They were one of our key groups at the time, even now hearing that long intro to "Riders on the Storm" and others, gives one a tingle. Manzarek (second left, right), who died of cancer, created that signature keyboard sound on those tracks like "Light My Fire" and "People Are Strange" and all the other hits like "Hello I Love You". I liked all their albums, particularly STRANGE DAYS, WAITING FOR THE SUN, LA WOMAN etc. Manzarek tried a solo career and kept the group going with the other two Robby Kreiger and John Densmore. He freely admitted that the Doors legacy had left him comfortably set up for life. "I haven't had to get a day job," he said. "The royalties just keep rolling in". The Doors really were as important as The Stones and The Who and those other great '60s groups and were more involved in the counterculture and opposition to Vietnam .... and hey, to get to 74 isn't too bad for a rock and roller!  Today's "Daily Telegraph" says "He provided the drive and musical discipline to shape Morrison's vague rock and roll aspirations into something more concrete. Without Morrison it is certain that The Doors would not have become the cultural force they were; yet without Manzarek The Doors probably would not have existed at all".

Paul Shane (1940 -2013) - Another popular British sitcom star departs - like Frank Thornton's Captain Peacock in ARE YOU BEING SERVED, and Richard Briers of THE GOOD LIFE. Paul Shane was a key member of the great British 70s sitcom HI DE HI, set in that '50s holiday camp. His Ted Bovis was the camp comedian, a bit of a shyster but ok really. also with Sue Pollard as Peggy the gormless chalet maid, and Ruth Madoc as the announcer Gladys Pugh "from the valleys" and that snooty dancing team Barry and Yvonne, Shane's comedian was part of that great team. We can watch HI DE HI anytime here ... Shane went on to other series and had a long career, but he will always be Ted Bovis. Right, at far right with Ruth Madoc and Simon Cadell. 

Steve Forrest (1924-2013) - Younger brother of Dana Andrews, Steve Forrest had a long career, maybe as a second (or third) rank leading man (like Robert Stack et al), like Dale Robertson (also RIP this year) he was ideal out West, 
as with Loren in HELLER IN PINK TIGHTS (left), and with Debbie Reynolds in THE SECOND TIME AROUND, plus in FIVE BRANDED WOMEN and others, as well as lots of televison work, where he was THE BARON, and in DALLAS, MURDER SHE WROTE, MALIBU etc. He also co-starred with Faye as Joan in MOMMIE DEAREST ! (right)

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