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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

How they change (2)

I ran a post recently on various photos from my past, about how we change over the years (Me label).  Here's two actors who have changed quite a lot and recently ...

Dan Stevens in THE LINE OF BEAUTY in 2006, the slightly chubby look suited him and he looked perfect for costume dramas, as some actors do - as in the remake of SENSE & SENSIBILITY (costume drama label). The look also worked for DOWNTON ABBEY, but now Dan seems to have had a serious makeover for his new career in America. Has he changed too much by slimming down and changing his 'look'? - you would need serious work with a trainer and a near starvation diet to change so much ....


Keanu Reeves, on the other hand, may have gone in the other direction. The internet was abuzz with how overweight and scruffy and slobby he looked at the recent Cannes Festival - he even had a double chin!. We liked Keanu back when he was so fit in SPEED, but hey that was almost 20 years ago - he is not going to look the same at 48. Lots of actors cast for their looks tend to let themselves go when between assignments (as Russell Crowe and Gerard Butler tend to do). Keanu still has his hair and could smarten up and lose some excess baggage with the help of a trainer and diet regime - not bad for 48! Only Tom Cruise looks like Tom Cruise all the time ... 


  1. Dan Stevens looks attractive but if you consider that the camera adds ten pounds than he might look gaunt in person but his strongest feature is those startling eyes.

    It's not that Keanu has put on a bit of weight so much, who doesn't?, as he looks sloppy and a little unhealthy. Hopefully when he trims down he'll look better.

  2. Keanu has clocked up 70 titles (according to IMDB) in his almost 30 years in movies, yet he seems to lead a solitary life in hotels .... but of course he is so private we have no idea of his private life. Is he still a major name? - I presume so.

    Stevens on the other hand now courts publicity and left a major show (Downton Abbey) that most young actors would kill to be in - presumably his new career choices will be the right ones ...

  3. Actually, Keanu, while certainly not looking good here, probably wouldn't have to do much to clean himself up. He doesn't look grossly overweight and a haircut and shave would help greatly. To me, he's looking very Steve Perry-ish.

  4. I'd say unless one works at it very hard, we all put on some weight as get get older. Its part of enjoying one's life, its the likes of Madonna, Cruise et al who slavishly spend all their time working out who somehow reman trim .... its either worth it or not depending on one's point of view!