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Friday, 27 July 2012


The Olypmic Games are finally here and starting today. IT HAPPENED IN ATHENS and now its happening in London. Lets hope it all goes well - security and transport are issues for us Londoners. I will be particularly looking forward to the swimming and diving, but no doubt we will get caught up in it all. 

One games movie it would be fun to see again now is the 1960 Fox film IT HAPPENED IN ATHENS - its one Jayne Mansfield film that's never shown now. I know I saw it as a kid, but cannot remember a thing about it - well, I was 12. Its supposedly about those first games in Athens in 1896, Jayne is a famous Greek actress (!) and Trax Colton (the new Barry Coe or Brett Halsey?) is the young Greek shephard who can run ...

The 1970 (that year again, see below...) THE GAMES is a Michael Winner that is also never seen now. A dvd release of this would surely attract some sales this year .. I would want to see it. I missed it on release, but it should be another interesting time capsule now, with those athletes Ryan O'Neal, Michael Crawford, Charles Aznavour and Athol Compton competing, with Stanley Baker as the martinet coach. It can't be that bad can it ? 
Four marathon runners (one from England, one from the U.S., a Czech and an Australian Aborigine) prepare to run in the Olympic games. The film follows each one and shows what their motivations are for running in the games. 

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