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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Music Music Music

Great month for new music. New albums by MASSIVE ATTACK, SADE, HOT CHIP, BILLIE RAY MARTIN to add to ipod and THE PET SHOP BOYS do it again - terrific new CD of their December concert at the O2 in London, which includes a dvd of same, with some brilliant extras.
Its a brilliant extra-long concert which the full O2 certainly appreciated, I always love the new versions they do of the hits like "West End Girls", "What Have I Done To Deserve This?" [with Dusty tribute], "Suburbia" and "Being Boring". They revisit the hits and its all very visual. I have seen 4 other Pets concerts (including their Savoy residency in 1997 and at the Tower of London a few years ago). What other duo have been going for over 25 years and still as dynamic today? Dvd also includes that brilliant mix they did at the Brits last year, with Lady Gaga and Brendan Flowers.

One of my 70's favourites JOAN ARMATRADING is touring as well, so seeing her in May. She is always terrific live, its been too long since we saw her last. Will JONI MITCHELL ever tour or appear here again? At least I got to meet her (in Kings Road, Chelsea) purely by chance in 1972 and we walked along having a pleasant conversation. She did great concerts in London in 70, 72, 74 etc. Given her antipathy to the music biz now I don't suppose we will be seeing her cashing in on a nostalgia tour as others do! Her painting probably takes precedence now, but we will always have that marvellous sequence of albums from 1968 onwards. She has a good website though for updates.

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