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Friday, 26 February 2010

Coming attractions...

items in the pipeline:

4 Woodys, 2 Pedros, + Penelope
60s rarities
60s schlock
60s favourites
60s romances
60s the international years
favourite sountrack albums
back to art-house: Bergman, Antonioni, Visconti, Demy, Varda
40s pleasures
Showpeople at play
BLOW-UP and the London '60s
Antonioni's THE PASSENGER - my 1976 feature for "Films Illustrated"
BLACK NARCISSUS & Michael Powell
2 best comedies: SOME LIKE IT HOT + ONE TWO THREE
Alternate Oscars
A Decade: 1954-1964
70s favourites
Guilty pleasures
Doomed flights: those airline dramas
Anita Ekberg - THE '50s siren
Belinda Lee - England's other bombshell
British cinema: 40s to 70s
Dirk Bogarde & The Rank Organisation years
Those English girls: Julie, Susannah, Sarah + Rita and Jane too
Julie Harris
Wendy Hiller
Lee Remick
Susan Hayward
Loretta Young & LADIES IN LOVE
Anouk Aimee trio
Lilli Palmer trio
Ingrid Thulin trio
Those Italians: Mangano, Lollobrigida, Loren, Cardinale, Valli, Vitti
10 French actresses: Aimee Audran Adjani Ardent Deneuve Dorleac Moreau Seyrig Signoret Darrieux (+ Laforet)
English actresses of the '50s
Jack Hawkins, Trevor Howard, Harry Andrews - the great dependables
Jeremy Spenser ?
Marilyn and the whole Monroe thing
Theatre-going since the 60s
Those versatile directors: Sturges, Mann, Daves, Hathaway, J Lee Thompson, Ronald Neame
An English quartet: Lester, Losey, Richardson, Schlesinger
Those recent directors: Ozon, Condon, Haynes, Roos + Ang Lee
Those Howard Hawks women ...
People we like: Stewart Granger / David Hemmings / Claire Bloom / Glynis Johns / Flora Robson / James Mason / Nigel Patrick / Yvonne Mitchell / Joan Greenwood / Michael Craig / Peter Finch / Alan Bates / Stanley Baker / Stephen Boyd / Laurence Harvey / Janet Leigh / Jeffrey Hunter / George Sanders / Clifton Webb etc.

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