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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Susan's centenary ....

Susan Hayward, one of our favourites here, would be 100 on June 30. (She died aged 57 in 1975). Here, as tribute is the trailer for one of her '50s hits: I'LL CRY TOMORROW .... we will have to see it again. Its up there with her WITH A SONG IN MY HEART or I WANT TO LIVE!


  1. I still think it's her best performance even better than I WANT TO LIVE. I must check out the dvd immeadiately. If not too expensive I may order it.

  2. LOVE her! She's in my top 5 favorite actresses and think she's been terribly underappreciated through the years. Partly due to her early death which prevented her from extending her familiarity the way Kate Hepburn, Barbara Stanwyck, Bette Davis etc. were able to. Also many of her films that are shown now could be called her exclamation pictures that called for BIG emoting that isn't as in favor as it once was but she could be quite varied if you go through her filmography.

    I'll Cry Tomorrow is probably her most intense performance and the one she should have won for but my favorites among her films remain The President's Lady, The Lusty Men, Deadline at Dawn and With a Song in My Heart though if I have the time I'll watch anything she's in if I happen upon it. Well I Thank a Fool is kind of a rough go.

    The blog The Film Experience just did a wonderful little respective in celebration of her century. Here's the final link which contains links to all the other articles. A very nice tribute.