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Saturday, 13 May 2017

The ultimate Joni guide

Nice to find a specialist Joni Mitchell magazine when shopping at the local out of town major superstore, one of the UNCUT magazine specials on major music artists. 

This is a terrific on on our major favourite, Joni, to add to the collection. It cover all the albums - 20 plus - in detail, with lots of info and comment and fitting in Joni's remarkable career too, from the mid 60s onward, including all the rarities, the art, the dvds, etc, 

It just makes one want to go back and play them all again,   Lot of Joni of course at label, including (yes, Martin, once again), the time I met her in Kings Road, Chelsea in London in 1972, when we were both in our twenties, and walked along having a great conversation with her, 

Not the best Joni song, but we love this late 80s video with Joni dancing around the kitchen, doing the dishes and playing with her cat. 
We have now revised our list of Joni's top songs:- Here's 30+:

Tin Angel  (I love that line: "dark with darker moods is he …") /Be Cool / Man to Man / Chinese Café / Goodbye Pork Pie Hat / Let The Wind Carry Me / A Strange Boy / Barangrill / Car On A Hill / Down to You / The Same Situation / Just Like This Train / The Last Time I saw Richard / A Case of You / You Turn Me On I'm a Radio / Off Night Back Street / Talk To Me / Night Ride Home / Night in the City / Chelsea Morning / Urge For Going / The Circle Game / Both Sides Now / Michael From Mountains / Marcie / Songs to Ageing Children Come / Edith and the Kingpin / The Hissing of Summer Lawns / Good Friends / My Secret Place / Number One / Shiny Toys / God Must  be a Boogie Man.

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  1. All I will say is, I'm surprised there isn't a plaque on the Kings Road, Chelsea commemerating that historic meeting .... just sayin!