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Friday, 11 November 2016

Strictly, mid-season report ...

We are now halfway through our annual dance fest STRICTLY COME DANCING, and the weaker contestants have been weeded out, so its hotting up as the best couples battle it out. My money from the word go has been on sensational Ore Oduba, whom I barely noticed as a BBC sports reporter, but the guy owns the floor and dances up a storm each week and is compulsively watchable, as is his dance partner Joanne Clifton. She and her brother Kevin (who dances with Louise Redknapp - their Argentine Tango was sensational too last week) will be very competitive to win. so it will be interesting to see how that goes. Judge Rinder and new girl Oksana are super too, but seem lost in the middle. The other great is Danny Mac - I expect him and Ore to battle it out in the final. 
Olympic athlete Greg Rutherford with the divine Natalie 'Legs' Lowe are also making up that top foursome, while the young couple Claudia and AJ are also compulsive. Its all to play for ..... and brightens up our winter weekends, while Claudia, Tess and judge Darcey (the most stylish women on British TV) ramp up the glam stakes. Each week we wonder "what will they be wearing?" ..... 
Ore and Joanne do a divine tribute to SINGIN' IN THE RAIN ...


  1. Plus Ed Balls is still in it ! Aljaz marvellous as usual too.

  2. As you know I had to record the last 2 episodes and watch them when I got home but the standard was so good I have decided to keep them and watch them again. I can't believe they chose Greg (hot but stiff - and not in a good way) over Daisy. Now we are down to seven my money is still on Danny Mac to win with Claudia in second place. I'll be sorry to see Judge R go and I hope he makes it for at least another 2 weeks. Ed is fun but get rid of him quick.

  3. In a much older post you mentioned viewing the 1992 Masterpiece Theatre performance of Memento Mori with Maggie Smith, Thora Hird, etc. I live in the U.S. in New York State and cannot find any mention about seeing this film or purchasing it. Might I ask how you located this? Much appreciation.

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