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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Strictly 2016 ...

Its that time again, when our annual television dance marathon begins for the autumn months, every weekend for the run up to Christmas. 15 hapless "celebrities" are lined up, with one already axed. We always start wondering who half of them are, but then get used to them. Its the professional dancers I like, there are some interesting new ones too. We also like a charleston, and here are two doozies from last weekend.
EASTENDERS actress Tameka Empson - we like her character Kim, though I don't watch it any more - and new boy Gorka. Boy, can they dance.
I never thought I would see ex-politician Ed Balls, who lost his seat in the last election - doing a camp burly cowboy routine, but hey, its enormous fun, and he has been kept in another week. Go, Ed. Now for some more super routines as the weeks go on, and all those ritzy costumes and glitter and fake tans. Like Anita Rani last year, BBC breakfast girl Naga Munchetty has been transformed too; she's one to watch particularly as paired with Pasha, along with Danny Mac (me neither, apparantly he was in HOLLYOAKS), Ore Oduba (another BBC presenter) and leggy Natalie Cole can do no wrong either. Lets hope her celebrity, olympic athlete Greg Rutherford, can go the distance ... previous years' highlights are at Dance label


  1. I'm all about Judge Rinder. Love his courtroom drama on ITV in the afternoons

  2. I never really watched it before, but we may have to give it a go. He is certainly sensational here .... who knew?

    1. Oh he's already shown his moves in the courtroom last year, In a trail for the show, he danced a tango with his usher Michelle! It's um, quite a show!

      Once I saw that, I knew he'd be angling for Strictly hehe

  3. Yes, my weekends are sorted for the next few months. I agree about Miss Balls; the campest cowgirl on the range and so glad she can live to shake her tush at least once more. Judge Rinder is indeed the surprise; camp AND talented; as you say, who would have thought!!