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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Helen Lawson at home

We LOVE this casual pose of Broadway legend Helen Lawson at home. The gay boys over at were discussing her legendary career and all those stories. It seems the indestructible Helen is still going and planning a super reunion show with those other Broadway gals, some of whom she tangled with over the years: Margo Channing, Eve Harrington, Lora Meredith, Vicky Lester, and Helen's nemesis from their VALLEY OF THE DOLLS one Neely O'Hara - thats, of course if Neely is not back on the bottle, and Lora not away filming with Felluci in Italy (as she was in IMITATION OF LIFE), but at least Vicky - who was born in a trunk - knows that the show must go on ..... If only they could bring it to London. 
Speaking of which there is a new major production of Sondheim's FOLLIES opening at the National Theatre here in London late next year, should be as good as their A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC a decade or more ago - but which legend will sing "I'm Still Here" ... ? 
Helen of course wears that pant suit created for Vicki who was initially cast in VOTD.


  1. I dare say that other great Broadway lady Karen Stone could not be part of Helen's posse as she is, as usual, unavoidably detained in Rome ..... maybe Lora could check her out and see what young companion she has befriended this week?

  2. I hope Helen makes enough money in her latest comeback to get that bottom dresser drawer handle replaced!

  3. Ho ho, well spotted. One of her minions will be barbeque-ed for that mess-up.

  4. I'd be willing to check into rehab if they'll let me do the "Broadway Baby" number -- I can still sparkle!

  5. Dahling, hold me back but for a brief moment as I scrolled down I thought that was a portrait of you in one of your catchier outfits! My mistake and apologies to Helen.... :)