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Friday, 13 November 2015

The long and winding road ...

What bliss to catch one of the music shows on tv: "THE NATION'S FAVOURITE BEATLES NUMBER 1's" -  a two hour treasure trove covering the 27 Beatles Number One records here in the UK, not just snippets as usual, but almost all of the records played (including that 7-minute "Hey Jude", which was the show's number one). Lots of unseen Beatles footage too and interesting comments. I really want to go back on a Beatles binge now and play the albums again. 

My favourite Beatles moment is probably this scene from HELP! - it was just seeing them for the first time in colour on the big screen. I was 19 and in those days of continuous performances I sat through it several times. It was almost a collection of Beatles pop promos. And I still have my 1964 Beatles Calender in perfect condition ! 

The programme did not even mention all those albums tracks we love: "Another Girl", "Drive My Car", "Norwegian Wood", "You Gotta Hide Your Love Away", "You're Gonna Lose That Girl", "I've Just Seen A Face", and the one that started it all: that first track on the first album "I Saw Her Standing There" ... the whole show took me back to my teen and early 20s years. 

The fascinating thing now is how quickly it all happened: There was Elvis in 1956 and 6 years later The Beatles were taking off in 1962 - and the band was over 8 years later in 1970. All those albums and hits compressed into 8 years!  We will always have the great video clips as the songs go on and on ... Anyone who does not like The Beatles or Elvis and cannot appreciate how they changed popular music, just don't talk to me! 

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