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Saturday, 14 November 2015

RIP, continued

Colin Welland (1934-2015), aged 81. Lancashire-born actor and writer who wrote the Oscar-winning script for CHARIOTS OF FIRE in 1981. He is memorable too as the sympathetic teacher in Ken Loach's KES (right) whch won him a BAFTA award in 1967, and was a stalwart of the early '60s BBC police show Z CARS. Dennis Potter's BLUE REMEMBERED HILLS was another acting success for him. He also scripted John Schlesinger's YANKS.

Warren Mitchell (1926-2015), aged 89. Warren will always be bigoted Alf Garnett in the 1960s BBC series TILL DEATH DO US PART (right with "silly moo" Dandy Nichols), but he clocked up a staggering 173 credits on his IMDB profile, as well as a lot of theatre work, including successful runs in Arthur Miller's THE PRICE and DEATH OF A SALESMAN, he also tackled Shylock and King Lear.. Movie roles were in films as diverse as HELP! and CARRY ON CLEO.

Saeed Jaffrey (1929-2015), aged 86.  Another veteran of British film and television, with an extensive list of credits, including Z CARS, THE GURU, GHANDI, THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING, THE CHESS PLAYERS, THE FAR PAVILIONS, JEWEL IN THE CROWN, A PASSAGE TO INDIA. and MY BEAUTFUL LAUNDRETTE. He was the first Asian to have received British and Canadian Academy Award nominations and the first ever to be awarded an OBE for his services to drama.

Keith Michell (1928-2015), aged 89. Australian Michell moved to London in 1950 and was soon employed by the Old Vic. He was of course best known for playing King Henry VIII several times, most notably in the BBC 1970s series THE SIX WIVES OF HENRY VIII, and a follow-up film in 1972, and also in ELIZABETH R. I saw him play Henry in a 1966 play THE KING'S MARE (where Glynis Johns played Anne of Cleves - I met them both afterwards). Michell also had theatre successes with ROBERT AND ELIZABETHMAN OF LA MANCHA and ABELARD AND HELOISE (with Diana Rigg, which I also saw in 1970) and he was artistic director of the Chichester Theatre for several years. Like Dennis Quilley he could star in musicals as well as dramas. Films included DANGEROUS EXILETHE GYPSY AND THE GENTLEMANTHE HELLFIRE CLUBSEVEN SEAS TO CALAIS (he looked good in period clothes), ALL NIGHT LONGPRUDENCE AND THE PILL and television roles included several appearances in MURDER SHE WROTE. He was married to actress Jeanette Sterke. 

Melissa Matheson (1950-2015, aged 65. scripted Spielberg's E.T., among others. was married to Harrison Ford from 1983-2004.

Betsy Drake (1923-2015), aged 92. actress who was Cary Grant's third wife an co-starred with him twice. She scripted HOUSEBOAT for herself and Grant, but it was re-written when Sophia Loren came on board. She was amusing in 1957's WILL SUCCESS SPOIL ROCK HUNTER?

Charles Herbert (1948-2015), aged 66. 1950s child actor, most notably Grant's youngest son (with that harmonica) in HOUSEBOAT (here, with Grant and Loren), he also did lots of television but was less successful as an adult actor.

Kevin Corcoran (1949-2015). aged 66. Disney child actor, best known for OLD YELLER and THE SHAGGY DOG, TOBY TYLER, POLLYANNA, SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON, BABES IN TOYLAND, BON VOYAGE. He often played Tommy Kirk's young brother.

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  1. Apart from Warren Mitchell I missed these deaths, perhaps because too many other people were dying at the hands of terrorists and the News tended to overlook the celebs.