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Friday, 19 June 2015

Weekend soundtrack ...

A delicious brace from the 1980s: I love this Fairground Attraction video and Eddi Reader, its of course "Perfect". and that blast from the Frankies: "Welcome to the Pleasure Dome" .... Holly rules! and a chillout classic from A Man Called Adam ....
Then some old classics we love: Randy Meisner with that great song he wrote with The Eagles, and Cream with the great Jack Bruce, "Sleepy Time Time" is one of their best. 
And a brace of new Adam Lambert videos, from America and UK, for his new track "Ghost Town" from his new album
Flamboyant or what? Adam of course steps out with whats left of Queen. Like Markus Feehily (below, music label)  he is another unapologetic out gay - part of that new wave of young actors (Andrew Scott, Russell Tovey, Ben Whishaw, Matt Bomer, Zachary Quinto) and singers, and Olympic poster boy Tom Daley who came out on their terms, and not forced out by the tabloid press. Now the focus can be on their work, not their private life.

Weekend gay things: the UK DVD of  LOVE IS STRANGE is finally unleashed. this did not fare too well here, It didn't even play anywhere near me, but I got the USA dvd and reviewed it here, months ago (11 March in the archive, or gay interest label). Its still a fascinating film with that very odd ending ..... London Pride week is just starting, kick-starting tomorrow with a concert in Hyde Park: Kylie, Grace Jones, Nile Rogers/Chic, Mika etc. I've seen Kylie a few times, and Grace knocked me out when I finally saw her live, a decade or more now, one of the most amazing live acts I have seen; And  Madonna? yes, her new single (from the rather flop album) has arrived: Bitch, she's Madonna

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