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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Showpeople: stars go to the theatre too

When filming THE PRINCE AND THE SHOWGIRL in London in 1956, Marilyn gamely trouped around the theatres with husband Arthur Miller, and Olivier and Vivien Leigh, to attend a production of Miller's A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE.  
Kay Kendall and Lauren Bacall do not seem terribly happy though at the Royal Court in 1959 - I wonder what they were seeing?


  1. Fantastic photos. I've never seen these before. Marilyn's decolletage is unbelievable...she really was quite the exhibitionist. And love the idea of the Millers and Oliviers palling around together, obviously before the troubles on Prince and the Showgirl. (I loved My Week with Marilyn, by the way, it's the subject of my most recent blog post...)

    I am loving your blog! Looks like we have similar taste in film...I look forward to reading and exploring more!

  2. Hi and thanks for kind words. Just been looking at your blog, lots to delight me there too, which I must return to. There is a lot more on Monroe on here, if you check the label, including newsreel footage of her at the 1956 Royal Film Performance.

    PS - I just had to order VERY BAD THINGS on your recommendation - we like Piven as MR SELFRIDGE, now in its third series here.

  3. I know I will be spending many hours here, thanks, Michael! And yes, Very Bad Things is the blackest of black comedies, and where I first noticed the evil/sexy Mr. Piven!!