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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Beatles for sale ?

I've just realised I am sitting on two fairly valuable bits of Beatles memorabilia. The 1964 Beatles calender which I bought at the time, when I was 18 and moved to London in April 1964. Here'a a blurb on it: 

The Beatles Book Calendar For 1964 (Very rare original 1963 UK official 9" x 11" spiral bound 12-page calendar with each page having a picture of the fabs, a great caricature & your month horoscope, complete with the original 'PRICE SIX SHILLINGS' caricature front cover. An amazing UK collectable from the beginnings of Beatlemania in fantastic condition.
Mine has terrific black and white pictures of the Fabs for each month. 

Then there is a Beatles headscarf, which I must have bought when new in London in 1964: again, a blurb selling one says:

Beatles Headscarf (Rare 1964 UK 27" square nylon headscarf designed by Barnett with a great montage of caricature Beatle scenes in brown & red print with a head & facsimile signature in each corner. This fascinating vintage item has obviouslybeen used, but apart from three very small holes and some yellow discolouration from extremely non eco-friendly 60s hairspray, it is in great condition. A fantastic forty year old piece of original Beatle memorabilia!).
Mine is a bit discoloured by age too, but has never been worn! 

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