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Friday, 1 March 2013

500 must-see films

We like a good movie list here at the Projector, so we are looking forward to this Saturday and Sunday editions of the UK "Daily Telegraph" and "Sunday Telegraph" as they are running a two-part supplement on 500 MUST SEE FILMS. Nice to compare lists and see what they say and include ... surely all our arthouse and commercial hits and classics will be included? They are covering action, horror, comedy, animatiion, crime, sci-fi and thriller plus their film critics' greatest films of All Time ! Essential then !

PS: having now got the supplement, this is my riposte back to "The Telegraph":   
"500 Must-see Films! what a capital idea - and an interesting comparison with that "Sight & Sound" Top 100 Films poll of last year ... but out of 500 not one Antonioni? ("L'Avventura", "L'Eclisse", "Blow-Up" and "The Passenger" would have to be in any top 100 list of mine) nor any Visconti or Losey? No mention of "The Bandwagon" for me THE best musical of all, plus not many of those great '50s dramas or '60s classics or arthouse favourites, nor Brirtish favouites like David Lean's other films or "Whiskey Galore" or "Genevieve" or "The Servant". At least Michael Powell was well represented."

I willl now be taking a break myself, after over 800 posts here (archived and indexed as per labels) during the last 3 years, as I have other projects I want to devote time to, other writing projects etc. I was going to take a sabbathical, but I still have a lot I want to cover here, so will be posting in once a week - instead of once (or more) a day !

Back next week with: Clifton Webb in SITTING PRETTY, Bette Davis in the 1964 Italian rarity THE EMPTY CANVAS, Almodovar's THE SKIN I LIVE IN, more Monty Clift in the '54 De Sica TERMINAL STATION, plus SKYFALL, RUST AND BONE, and, er, THE SWEENEY! And some more Antonioni, and in tribute to the BFI LGFF reviews of SOME OF MY BEST FRIENDS ARE and BUT I'M A CHEERLEADER ....


  1. Make sure you come back at least weekly - we may not praise you much, but we like reading what you have to say about modern culture and old movies. Thanks.

  2. PS. Good luck with your other projects. You seem to be a natural writer.