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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Hitch or Hitch ?

Clever PSYCHO poster pastiche
Contrasting advance reviews on those 2 forthcoming movies about Alfred Hitchcock .... 
Good comments on the forthcoming HITCHCOCK on the making of PSYCHO (though they could not use any clips from the actual film...) Anthony Hopkins seems an ideal Hitch and there is a meaty role for Helen Mirren as his wife and collaborator Alma Reville, who was usually kept in the background. Scarlet Johannson though may have to work hard to suggest Janet Leigh ... and we also get impersonations of Vera Miles and Tony Perkins. I couldn't see where the drama here was going to be, Hitch was in total control of producing PSYCHO which he shot cheaply like one of his tv films and made millions from its enduring success, apparantly there's a manufactured supposed affair by his wife, to keep Dame Helen busy. One to watch for then!
Less praise so far for THE GIRL (Hitch's term for Tippi Hedren on set) detailing his obsession with the model he groomed and had on personal contract. Will the revered director be shown as a sex pest/abuser? Its based on the good Donald Spoto book SPELLBOUND BY BEAUTY on Hitch and his protege. Sienna Miller is Tippi here and Toby Jones is Hitch .... whatever the success of these they will certainly send us back to the original movies.  THE GIRL screens here in the UK over Christmas by the BBC. 
I have already done several pieces here on our Hitchcock Summer (thanks to the British Film Institute) and reviewed several Hitchs (PSYCHO, THE BIRDS, TOPAZ etc) at Hitchcock label.

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