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Monday, 29 October 2012

Shiny toys

Its just arrived - the Joni Mitchell boxset of her first 10 albums, covering 1968 to 1979. As I mentioned in my previous post on it, I already had these albums in both vinyl and cd, and have now bought them a third time (good marketing PR!) but they are ideal in these small CD size gatefolds with the original artwork, plus I have them all in one place and can now enjoy them all over again (the box will look nice displayed), and its a very good price. This should surely bring in some new Joni converts and remind others of how great she is. Some of these are over 40 years old and show how timeless Joni's words and music are, transcending pop trends, and they show her voyage from shrill folk to laid-back jazz ...

Can we now have another box of her following 10 from the 80s to the 2000s ? : WILD THINGS RUN FAST, DOG EAT DOG, CHALK MARKS IN A RAINSTORM, NIGHT RIDE HOME, TURBULENT INDIGO, TAMING THE TIGER, 2000's BOTH SIDES NOW and her last studio album SHINE from 2007, plus the two live ones: 1975's MILES OF AISLES and 1980's SHADOWS AND LIGHT.  There's also that TRAVELOGUE where she re-records some of her classics with a orchestra in 2002 ....
"Shiny Toys" is a song with very apt lyrics (just as we started buying CDs all the time) on Joni's 1985 DOG EAT DOG album. ("I'm reading people rags in the checkout lane, Look, here's a hunk here's a honey, Celebrated people and their claims to fame....")
Above: Joni and Neil Young at the Grammy awards in 2012 - great to see these Canadian legends together, I like so much of Neil's too, from HARVEST and AFTER THE GOLDRUSH on .... they have come a long way since playing those Toronto coffee houses in the mid and late '60s ...

Also out today, boy the postman was busy, is the 5 disk BBC set of the LONDON 2012 OLYMPIC GAMES - now we can relive those bonkers opening and closing ceremonies again and all those best bits ..... bring them on, 

while we wait for some new interesting movies to open, following the London Film Festival: I am particularly looking forward to Haneke's AMOUR with Trintignant and Riva, both in their 80s, and Marion Cotillard after those rave notices for RUST AND BONE ... and then of course there's SKYFALL

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