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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Anouk in N. Y.

How marvellous to see the ageless Anouk Aimee attending showings in New York 2 days ago of her '60s hits and firm favourites of mine, Lelouch's UN HOMME ET UNE FEMME and Demy's LOLA, as well as at a screening of my 1969 favourite Cukor's JUSTINE which has a new restored print- all part of the The Museum of Modern Art To Save and Project: The 10th MoMA International Festival of Film Preservation, an annual festival of preserved and restored films from archives, studios, and distributors around the world.(There is a lot of irony here too as Cukor and Anouk did not exactly become best friends during the troubled shoot on JUSTINE that triumph of studio mise-en-scène... 
Anouk is now 80 and still working, like Sophia Loren she started as a teenager, in those late 40s films like LES AMANTS DE VERONA and THE GOLDEN SALAMANDER.. 
(more on Anouk and her films at label).
Half hour interview with Anouk by Charlie Rose from last week at:
Charlie Rose is one interviewer we do not know here in the UK but his interviews are fascinating to discover now. He has an hour one with Sophia Loren in 2002 at this link:    


  1. Yes, wonderfully ironic that Ms. Aimee would turn out for a revival of "Justine". Time must, indeed, heal all wounds.

  2. Here's Anouk interviewed by Charlie Rose just this past week. She seems pretty lively,

  3. Thanks, peplum. I would have missed that ...

  4. Peplum's YouTube link has a fascinating interview with Aimee, who is very animated and interesting here.