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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Susan - desperately seeking 1985

It was 27 years ago today that I went to a free sneak preview of a new film - DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN. I was in Brighton in Sussex for the weekend, on the coast, and a new friend, a disk jockey, took me along at 10.30 a.m. on Sunday morning 1st September, to the Odeon cinema for a invited-only preview of this new film - thanks Rory. I would not have been interested in the film then, as was not into Madonna - but I sat there entranced and absolutely loved it. Pure 1985. Before the film they ran some Madonna promos and I loved the video for "Dress You Up".
I have seen DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN a few times since and it always brings back that happy time - its so wonderfully fresh and amusing and the whole cast zings, led by Rosanna Arquette and Aiden Quinn, and of course Madonna herself.

That weekend led to a 10-year relationship and a move to the south coast. I also liked Madonna's RAY OF LIGHT and MUSIC albums, circa 2000, and all those remixes of tracks like "Nothing Really Matters", "Don't Tell Me", "The Power of Goodbye", "Impressive Instant" etc. Great club nights too - and those videos for "Frozen" and "Ray of Light" and of course "Vogue" ... her concert videos are terrific too .... not so fond of her recent stuff though ... though "Give It To Me" was insanely addictive for a while. 
I saw her riding her bicycle one morning when I was on a bus going to work, as it turned into Oxford Street (here in London), I noticed a stunning woman on her cycle waiting for the lights to change - it was her (and we were not too far from her Marble Arch/Marylebone home).

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