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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Magazine browsing ...

Some more "Films & Filming" covers, I know this is only of interest to other magazine obsessives, but having worked at the magazine in the mid-'70s (it folded in 1990, having began in 1954 - I began reading it in 1962 when I was 16 - as per other posts, see label). I knew the owner and the editor, who are now deceased, so in a way I feel I am keeping their magazine alive ...

They did 2 Italian issues  - that January 1961 one (above) with those articles on and by Antonioni, Fellini, Visconti, Bolognini and the emerging Italian cinema at the time (I have already scanned in the Antonioni article, at Antonioni label). Their other Italian issue, September 1970, above, features Mark Frechette from ZABRISKIE POINT (right) on the cover, in a movie he made in Italy: Francesco Rosi's UOMINI CONTRO, a First World War drama where he get shot by a firing squad - this one never played in London. Frechette took part in bank robberies and died aged 27 in prison in 1975 when a weight fell on him, I dare say he was probably never interested in acting as such. He and Daria Halprin were non-actors chosen by Antonioni for his American feature. 

F & F also did 2 French issues, that November 1961 one with Alain Delon in PLEIN SOLEIL on the cover, and a later 1970 one, with Delon in BORSALINO left (there were at least 7 covers with Delon!, and quite a few interviews with him too). Looking at those 1970 issues now crotch shots were popular back then!

There was also a Russian issue, March 1961, one of the first issues I saw, which will be of interest when I get around to those Russian films I mean to see and review ... right: Tatiana Samoilova in THE LETTER THAT WAS NOT SENT.

The 1974 issues were quite good too, as below ...

The magazine kept going until 1980, and the title was then taken over by a different publisher and limped on until 1990 but it was not the same ... meanwhile "Sight & Sound" continues decade after decade as it has all that British Film Institute (BFI) money to keep it going.

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