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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Cannes 2012

After a long spell of dreary wintry weather summer seems to have finally arrived in London, so it was amusing to see they were having a downpour at the Cannes Film Festival, as captured in this great photograph by Ian Langsdon in "The Daily Telegraph", as poster girl Marilyn presides over the wet arrivals (click photo to enlarge).

Fellini, Moreau, Antonioni - Cannes 1960
Film festivals seem to be high-jacked by big American productions these days, but interesting early word of mouth too on the next crop of ones to watch for, like Haneke's AMOUR with Jean-Louis Trintignant and Emmanuelle Riva (now in their 80s), as well as RUST AND BONE, THE HUNT and the very bizarre sounding HOLY MOTORS by Leos Carax. Bring them on ...

Delon, Loren, Schneider - Cannes 1962
Is it just me though but does Cannes not seem slightly declasse these days?-  as the festival is taken over by reality tv stars and those who use it to sell the products they are paid to advertise. The likes of Cheryl Cole, Kelly Brook, Kim Kardashian and even Jane Fonda still selling her wrinkle creams at 74 may have scooped acres of publicity but it is not about the films any more, unlike back in the day when the real  A-listers like Loren and Bardot and Delon and Schneider and Bogarde were there to promote their movies. These companies use the prestige of Cannes which is now just another red carpet to work with borrowed diamonds, endless champagne receptions and gift suites for the girls in town to sell their image and endlessly promote themselves. What was once an elegant celebration of film-making has now surely been debased and diluted by the presence of the pluggerati who flock to the South of France as the big brand names are still willing to spend big to promote their luxury brands. Or maybe I'm being too jaundiced ... ?


  1. Michael your remarks are warranted not jaundiced!

    The elegant style of European culture was the indelible trademark stamp of Cannes, beloved of film aficionados who mourn a past now disfigured by imposed banality. Real life requires real ART.

    The likes of Haneke etc. preserve the craft stating: "the task of dramatic art is to confront us with things usually swept under the rug" forcing our focus. Best film brings discomfort aiding subliminal intake for coping measures. Haneke's 'Amour' with like-themed others represent the zeitgeist of a sick society having to face an imminent mortality beneath the spin of adolescent hubris evident in the Cannes of today.

    Love the variety of film you post here. Well done & keep it up! Merci mille! Emma from S.A.

  2. Hi again Emma. Yes the initial press reports here on Cannes this year have turned towards questioning why the likes of Cheryl Cole (a reality tv pop star who also advertises hair colouring products endlessly on tv here...) should be posing on the Cannes red carpet (and flying out again immediately afterwards). I have just added a picture from 1962 Cannes when real stars - Loren, Delon, Schneider - were commonplace there.