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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Coming Attractions

Interesting to see a theatre production of THE CUSTARD BOYS coming up on the gay theatre circuit. Not a gay novel as such, it does feature a relationship between two boys - one a German refugee - in an English village during wartime when the local teenage gang fantasise about fighting and winning the war. It was a well-received novel by John Rae, who was a headteacher of Westminister College, and it was made into a sensitive, little seen film by Philip Leacock in 1962, REACH FOR GLORY - which I had not seen for decades until last year, and reviewed at War label. It will be interesting to see what the new stage production will be like, but if it renews interest in this terrific novel it will be well worth it.

Also coming up, the next LOVEBOX music weekend here in London in June, these annual events are organised by dance producers and act Groove Armada whose work is always fascinating. Again a great linup across the board over the weekend, catering a lot too to the gay clubbing crowd: Grace Jones, HOT CHIP, Emile Sande, Lana Del Ray, Tiga, Holly Johnson from FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD (always a pleasure to see and hear him), Nile Rodgers and CHIC etc....

Incidentially I saw Grace headling a concert in a park in London back in 2002 - I had never seen her live before though her albums like NIGHTCLUBBING and SLAVE TO THE RHYTHM were essential, along with those videos and remixes. She kept us waiting in the growing dark for about 45 minuties after a long day in the park and then appeared just as the audience were getting annoyed - and she blew us all away, what a theatrical performance! We were left stunned and mesmerised, one of the best live acts I have seen.... here's to summer then.

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