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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Alain et Monica, Romy, Claudia, Marie ....

I am entranced by this still I had not seen before, from the set of Antonioni's L'ECLISSE with a happy Monica Vitti and Alain Delon in 1962. Which prompts another look at some stills of Delon with some favourites of mine and some fabulous movies:

Alain with Claudia Cardinale in Visconti's THE LEOPARD, 1963, and with Marie Laforet in the 1960 Rene Clement classic PLEIN SOLEIL/PURPLE NOON; a shot of him and sometimes paramour Romy Schneider when they began LA PISCINE in the South of France in 1968. Then another great shot from L'ECLISSE. Alain with a very cute kitten to publicise Rene Clements' LES FELINS in 1964, and some earlier shots maybe from 1958 when he was just starting out and photographed as an unknown at the then Cannes Film Festival which he attended with pal Jean-Claude Brialy. Later of course came those other Delon classics like Melville's LE SAMURAI, 1967; BORSALINO (right, a "Films & Filming" then ran a good interview with him) with Belmondo in 1970, Losey's MR KLEIN and so many more (all those flicks like LE CIRCLE ROUGE, LE FLIC, DOCTOR IN THE NUDE, and let's not forget GIRL ON A MOTORCYCLE ! )

As with Romy Schneider a good biography of Delon in English is necessary ...


  1. Perhaps the most beautiful male star ever - he certainly fascinates me.

  2. Besides the lovely ladies mentioned, I think Luchino Visconti was also a very fortunate man...if the rumors are true! The picture of Delon rumpled in bed, head in hand, is about as sexy as it gets!

  3. Yes, the most beautiful human being that has ever existed. I was wondering which movie the two pictures with cute Delon in bed were sourced from, then I've got the answer, thank you.

  4. Delon is breathtaking!! He is the male Elizabeth Taylor,more sensual than even Paul Newman.As an American I grew up loving Robert Redford,never saw much of Delon.I began to look up his photos and movies on the internet-WOW!!! I,ve read he was a big star everywhere,except in the U.S.,Canada and the U.K.In America he is barely mentioned,one has to wonder why.

    1. Maybe because he was far better than the American actors of that time..they got jealous lol

  5. @Mishell. Maybe because he was far better than the American actors of that time..they got jealous lol