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Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Its an exciting time for young British actors, with several major productions on the way. The new TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY highlights several of them: Colin Firth cements his Oscar-winning year, Mark Strong who has cornered the market in evil villains after his breakthrough in THE LONG FIRM a few years ago, Benedict Cumberbatch - probably THE actor of his generation after several high profile roles (SHERLOCK HOLMES on tv, we are looking forward to the second series) and his highly praised FRANKENSTEIN at the National Theatre where he and Johnny Lee Miller took turns playing the Doctor and the naked creature, this was such a sell-out I couldn't even get tickets for the local cinema link-up!

Good to see John Hurt in another good role - I spent an evening with him and Ray Winstone last year when they were promoting 44 INCH CHEST at the National Film Theatre. Then there is Tom Hardy another actor on the cusp, with INCEPTION etc - he was fun in ROCK'N'ROLLA. Dan Stevens after his success in THE LINE OF BEAUTY and that nice new version of SENSE AND SENSIBILITY (he is both a risk-taking actor and an ideal choice for costume dramas, like Colin Firth before him) certainly scored in DOWNTON ABBEY, which is also heading back for another series, and these are only the main ones! If they can avoid the Hollywood rom-com route we should see a lot more varied work from them and others like Ewan McGregor now making very interesting choices too.
Tom Hollander continues in varied roles like his hilariously camp assassin in HANNA (review next) - then of course there are the vagaries of the actor's life: Jude Law got horribly over-exposed while that other TALENTED MR RIPLEY actor Jack Davenport hasn't quite got the breaks he deserved... ?

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