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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

"Films and filming" redux

To tie in with new movie cult magazine LITTLE JOE [inspired of course by Joe Dallesandro] and their appraisal on British movie magazine Films and filming during it's heyday from 1954 to 1980, by Justin Bengry, here are a few more of those daring (then) magazine covers.

To give the magazine it's due this was the late '60s and early '70s when the barriers regarding nudity and daring themes were being stretched all the time, by the likes of Kubrick, Antonioni, Schlesinger, Losey, Visconti and Peckinpah down to more exploitative trash - but yes, as the article states "one could no longer read it on the bus or at the office", hence part of it's decline, and as more explicity gay magazines became available.

As per the labels, I have written about Films and Filming several times before, as I had been getting the magazine since 1962 (when I was 16), I put my own contact ad in when I was 17 in 1963 [in that pre-internet age] and made lots of new friends - one of whom I must write to now, as we are still in contact 48 years later (he is now resident in San Francisco).
I worked for the magazine in the '70s and knew the owner Philip Dosse and did some writing for the editor Robin Bean. Philip and Robin are gone now but they would be pleased to see their magazine is still fondly remembered and is an important cultural artefact.

And as for Little Joe - here is the London advertising for when FLESH opened back then, amid a flurry of police arrests ... it became a hot topic as the quality press campaigned for freedom of choice to see material like this, similar material which now would be available on television most nights.... how things change. (click image twice to enlarge)


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  2. Pretty racy magazine covers there, even now - let alone back then. That 'Clockwork Orange' image could not be shown on a magazine cover now. How did they get away with it?

    Interesting reading about 'Flesh' too. Warhol certainly fooled them all then. Many thanks.